Fee-based Financial Planning

We plan as fiduciaries, to put your interests first and always. Afterall, they are your goals.

What goals can we help you achieve?

Unfortunately, it seems everyone has 'financial planner' on their business cards these days; insurance agents, 401(k) providers, accountants, realtors etc., but few of these professionals went to school for financial planning or hold licenses. At 56 Capital Partners in Colorado Springs, CO, we follow the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) planning process. Utilizing this we can address all of your goals appropriately and perhaps a few secondary or tertiary relationships to those goals you may not have thought of. Our individual financial plans will provide you with the knowledge and skill you'll need to plan for your future.

Our individual financial plans avoid becoming a sales pitch. Our goal is to have plans detailed enough with relevant pros and cons that you could take and implement your plan with subject matter experts of your choice. Whether you manage your investments on your own, have a trusted CPA, or a family insurance agent you enjoy we are not here to replace those individuals but to offer an unbiased assessment of where you are relative to your goals and how to improve your execution.

Plan with a team, not a computer.

Plan with a team, not a computer.

Customized individual financial plans made specially for you

When you create an individual financial plan with 56 Capital Partners, you plan with our team. We have had the pleasure to attend retirement parties, graduations, house warming parties, but were also there for hospice visits and funerals. We believe in our process to stand-by you through the best of times and the worst of times because we have planned for both. Our team is here to be part of your family and listen to what you want to accomplish. We understand not everyone can retire at 55 or may not want to. We understand there needs to be balance to enjoy today while planning for tomorrow.

We understand that your family situation may be different; such as divorce, specials needs children, bankruptcy etc. Finance has become so complex that it is okay to not know everything about it. We are here to help teach you and prepare for the road ahead. We will take the time to affirm your goals, assess where you are now, and create and help navigate a plan to accomplish your goals together hand-in-hand and be there to help you up when life does not go to plan.

Call us to schedule a meeting with our team of fiduciaries to put your interest first. Let's start building your individual financial plan today.