Decide Where Your Assets Will Go

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Losing a loved one is one of the most trying times in our lives. Dealing with the complexities of their estate while grieving is even harder especially if there was no plan in place to navigate the messy situation. Our clients want to decide where their assets will go and remove the hardship from those left behind.

56 Capital Partners provides estate planning help to clients throughout Colorado Springs, CO and beyond. We help guide you how to strategically plan your estate distribution as well as strategies for the end years of life when maybe we are not as sharp as we used to be or have medical issues prohibiting us from using our resources wisely. We are not attorneys and do not provide legal guidance but we work with estate planning attorneys to establish the appropriate documents you need.

We like to say we quarterback the team from the financial standpoint and ensure the legalities match your desires. Whether it is establishing a simple will and transfer on death accounts or more complex trusts and business transfers so your assets will provide you the resources to live life as you please and the next generation as well.

Prepare your assets for the future with estate planning strategies from 56 Capital Partners. We provide estate planning help to clients throughout the Colorado Springs, CO region. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

Benefits of estate planning

Benefits of estate planning

Working with experienced financial advisors to create an estate strategy provides a wide range of benefits. We have seen too many clients be 'sold' estate solutions and be milked fees from bad actors and want to remove that negativity and actually execute what they want to happen. When you have a plan in place whether a will, a trust, a business, beneficiary accounts, or all of the above, you can:

  • Spell out the details of who should receive which assets often mitigating taxes
  • Make the distribution process easier on your loved ones and possibly protect them from creditors
  • Ensure you leave the legacy you want
  • Maximize your hard-earned resources for generations to come
  • Help support a charity or church activities for years
  • Minimize fees, unneeded expenses, and predators

Take care of your loved ones by making the harder decisions now while you are clear in mind and body before it becomes more difficult or you pass. Let's start a estate plan strategy that is personalized to suit your situation today. Contact us to get started.

**56 Capital Partners and it's advisors are not attorneys and you should consult your Estate Planning Attorney with any needs regarding this.