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Tailored Portfolios: Similar to a tailor who alters the waist, sleeves, hem and collar of a shirt to fit a man's body style, we take a plethora of factors into account to create a portfolio tailored to your family's wishes. Some of the variables we may consider when choosing the optimal long-term investment strategy and near-term investment tactics include: investment value in relation to goals, income needs during distribution, tax considerations, time horizon, outside assets and cash flow, desire to hedge, legacy...

56 Capital Partners listened to your worries and fears of market drawdowns and recessions as you approach or are in retirement. We implement proprietary hedging strategies through the use of derivatives and asset allocation adjustments to help mitigate the volatility of your portfolio and generate additional income for retirees.

Our team of portfolio evaluation experts, under the guidance of our investment policy, uses your information and third-party software to provide non-biased fiduciary analysis investment strategy recommendations. During our frequent engagements, we find our portfolio strategies need amending as our circumstances change and we achieve goals along our timeline. Your personal investment review regularly identifies these situations and keeps you abreast of our views on the capital markets and developments.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

You need a good financial plan for the same reason you need a good home: to live a comfortable life, provide for your needs and the needs of your family, creating a confident and certain future.
Like a home, a financial plan needs a stable foundation perfectly designed for the future built on top of it. We handcraft a foundation with things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and cash: stable, solid, trustworthy.
A foundation is the start; walls and a roof make it a house. Based on your needs, time horizon, risk tolerance, and goals, we construct walls in the shape of education, innovation, and alternatives to establish you for the future. Finally, we put in place the roof, helping you choose the right options to protect your assets. Let’s make a financial plan that supports your pursuit of happiness.

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Worried about fees? Don't be, we aren't. We provide simple pricing in writing ahead of time. This way you know exactly what you are paying before agreeing to proceed forward, putting you in the driver's seat if you would like to partner with us to pursue your happiness.

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