56 Capital Partners Is Leaning Into The Future

In everything we do, everything we put our hands to, we are leaning into the future. We have just completed a total overhaul of our public face, because we want to stay current, to keep leaning into tomorrow. The story of 56 Capital began a year ago, at a moment we were not sure this journey was possible. But we leaned into the future, and we are now settled in and enjoying our venture. Many of you know the story of how we came to be, but we want to dive into that a little further. Derek, with a dream in mind, wanted to create something that would help people in their pursuit of happiness. As a lover of numbers, education, our country, and the principals it was founded on, Derek sought to bring all of that together in the financial world. He leaned into the future, and 56 Capital Partners was born. On an extraordinary day in July of 1776, 56 men leaned into the future, imagining another way of thinking and being in the world. These men signed a document that would lead to the prosperity of the new world: The Declaration of Independence allowed for new freedoms, and recognized for all people the right to pursue happiness. 56 Capital Partners is named for and works in the spirit of those courageous men. 56 Capital Partners allows Derek to fulfill his dream of helping people pursue their happiness. He strives to get you to your goals in the frankest and most efficient way. Derek and Erin are ready to take you on a journey, to be your guide on your pursuit. We are looking forward to the road ahead, let's lean into the future together.