Visit to the Big Apple

I recently went on an amazing vacation where the first stop was New York City. I had never been to NYC but I compiled my list of must sees in the vast space of buildings, cars and people and I knew I had to see all things Finance. The hustle and bustle you see in movies and TV are real and it is LOUD! As I walked down Wall Street the noise seemed to dissipate as I got closer to the center of it all. I am not that crazy fan girl of most things, but I saw the side of the NYSE building and my smile grew bigger and my steps faster. It was a Tuesday morning and we were an hour into the trading day, so I had just missed the chaos of it all. As I rounded the corner there it was the New York Stock Exchange. Being there in person was a dream come true. It was more beautiful than I had imagined, and I am so thankful to have experienced the financial district in New York City. We somehow now have to figure out how to get invited to see the inside! If you are ever in NYC stop by and soak in the sights but make sure to see the Bull! Written By: Erin Watkins