What Color Are You?

Ever wonder why you struggle with understanding your teammates, your boss or even your friends? It is simple! We are not alike in terms of personalities or the way we think. We each function in a way that works for us, but rarely do we try to learn how others function in the way that works for them. To better understand one another and be able to work more cohesively as a team, here at 56 Capital Partners we did some personality testing to see where each of us would rank.

There are plenty of personality tests out there and we have taken our fair share of them, but we recently took one that provided a better understanding of why we are the way we are. Boy were the results spot on! Based upon your answer to multiple questions you are categorized into four groups. There is blue (introverted thinking), red (extroverted thinking), green (introverted feeling) and yellow (extraverted feeling). Each of these categories plays into certain behaviors, preferences, feeling and energies. So, for each category a quick way to remember these would be by their mottos: blue “give me the details” green “show me you care” red “be brief, be bright, be gone” and yellow “involve me.”

Everyone is a combination of all four colors, but we tend to lead more with one out of the four colors. After completing the profile, we discovered that Derek is blue with red as his secondary, Tiffany is yellow with her secondary being green and Erin is yellow with red as her secondary.

You may notice when you talk to Derek that he is precise, wants you to spare no details, is deliberate, loves analysis and is very professional. Some pointers when communicating with Derek would be; give him advance notice and time to prepare for meetings, make sure to come well prepared, allow him time to explain the logic behind his views and back up assertions with data and reasons.

In talking with Tiffany, you may notice that she is friendly and sociable (funny too), compassionate, and has self-confidence. Some pointers when communicating with Tiffany would be; use an informal, casual style of conversation, agree exactly what needs to be done, show her appreciation of her role at 56 Capital Partners and be prepared to share problems openly.

When talking with Erin take note that she is enthusiastic, thorough, articulate and has a certain personal charm. Some pointers when communicating with Erin would be; keep it lively allowing time for socializing, agree exactly what needs to be done, ask for her thoughts and ideas, and provide dates and timescales for completion of tasks.

We are implementing what we learned from our analysis to better communicate not only as a team but as advisors. Being clearer in how we function at our best, allows us to give you the best results for your plan and financial future. We have really enjoyed doing this test and are excited to continue improving communications. If you want to know more about our color types let us know!

Written by: Erin Watkins